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We offer a Range of Commercial Services

Safe Asbestos Group provides a wide range of commercial services to Queensland and interstate. These services include all forms of asbestos removal, re-roofing and demolition.

Safe Asbestos Group has extensive and practical knowledge of the asbestos removal techniques required to complete any project safely and in line with the high standards required.

We can help you with the following services.

Asbestos is most dangerous when it is disturbed, and nothing will disturb it more than demolishing a property.

When choosing demolitionists for a building known or suspected to contain asbestos, you must hire licensed asbestos removal professionals to make the site safe to be pulled down.

At Safe Asbestos Group we have years of experience with safe, controlled demolition of properties containing asbestos. We have state of the art equipment and employ only the best tradespeople holding Class-A asbestos removal licences.

We guarantee safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible asbestos removal and demolition in every project we undertake.

Demolishing a building involves the complete destruction of all its component structures. If any of these structures contain asbestos, it is certain to be disturbed in a drastic way creating serious health risks for the workers and for people in the area generally.

The only way to tear down such a building responsibly is asbestos removal before work starts. In almost all circumstances, licensed professionals must carry out asbestos removal. For friable asbestos materials that can be crumbled, pulverised, or reduced to dust easily, a Class-A asbestos removal licence is a requirement.

The team at Safe Asbestos Group is fully licensed to deal with any asbestos removal job in Brisbane and southeast QLD. Because we can also take care of the demolition itself we can provide end-to-end service from professional asbestos removal to cleaning up after the building is down.

Whether your job involves a decommissioned industrial plant or a residential building, Safe Asbestos Group is the best choice for your demolition.

Safe Asbestos Group is fully qualified, accredited, and insured for all professional asbestos removal work. We hold a Class A asbestos removal license, which is required to remove the most dangerous types of asbestos and carry out air monitoring.

We have experience in large scale removals working on major projects with both large and small companies alike, providing the same high level of Safe Asbestos Removal Services in the following areas:


Safe Asbestos Group are experts in removing your asbestos roofing and replacing it with materials required by project including Colorbond.

We adopt a solution based problem solving method of looking for the most cost effective and safe way to complete the works on time and in budget. With projects ranging from 200sqm to over 3000sqm we have the expertise to ensure your project proceeds to the next stage successfully and compliantly.

Our experienced roofing team are all licenced to remove asbestos roofing and replace it, or to do removal alone should you require another trade to complete the works. We are always mindful of the importance to keep the project moving smoothly, saving you time and money.

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