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For businesses and property owners there is a legal requirement to ensure people working on a building in their control are aware of asbestos containing materials within the premises.

If a commercial building was built before 31 December 2003 and is used as a workplace there is a requirement for the owner to comply with the Asbestos Management Code. There will also be occasions when working on a building you may be unsure or suspect there are asbestos-containing materials present.

That is where SAFE Consultancy can help.

We can help you with the following services.

SAFE Asbestos Group Pty Ltd offers asbestos sample analysis by an independent NATA approved laboratory.

You have the option of sending the samples directly to SAFE Asbestos Group Pty Ltd or we can come to your site or home to take the sample for you.

If you suspect that there are fibre cement or fibro materials, treat them as though they contain asbestos until they have been analysed by a NATA approved laboratory. Asbestos is chemically inert. This means there are no on-the-spot or do-it-yourself test kits. The sample must be analysed under a microscope at the laboratory.

Our standard turn around for written results is 3-4 working days from receiving the sample. Prices start from as little as $65.00 inc GST.

Asbestos air monitoring tests for respirable asbestos fibres in the air, to assist in assessing exposure and the effectiveness of control measures undertaken.

This is generally undertaken where asbestos containing products are in a poor condition, potentially liberating asbestos fibres into the air, or where asbestos containing materials are being removed.

A clearance certificate is an inspection of an area after licensed asbestos removal work has been completed to verify that it is safe for normal use. A clearance certificate must include a visual inspection and may include air monitoring. Our licenced asbestos assessors conduct asbestos clearance inspections and provide asbestos clearance certificates.

SAFE Asbestos Group Pty Ltd has carried out Air Monitoring at Private and Public Schools, Kindergartens and Pre-schools. We can also do air monitoring for Public halls, Child Care Centres, Retirement villages, Councils and Churches.

ALL Australian business premises built prior to 1989 that have asbestos, or it is suspected that asbestos may be present, are required by law to have an Asbestos Audit. This in turn can result in requiring an AMP being implemented, as per legislation effective from 31st Dec 2011.

It is considered the responsibility of THE TENANT (PCBU, Person in Control of the Business) to ensure their place of business has had an Asbestos Audit. This informs where there is asbestos in the building.

An Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) is a detailed and legally required document for commercial buildings containing asbestos detailing where the asbestos is, what it is and how to deal with it. An asbestos management plan (AMP) is an important tool for keeping people safe from asbestos.

AMPs must include an asbestos register recording where asbestos is found in a particular building, along with plans for what will be done about it. The plan must also include information about the risk posed by the asbestos, details of work done on the asbestos, and much more.

Safe Asbestos Consultancy can help you come up with a thorough AMP to keep your employees or residents safe and informed. This is required to be available in a prominent place to assist those who may come into contact with the asbestos i.e. tradespeople.

SAFE Asbestos Group has been trusted to produce AMPs for many businesses, Councils and organisations including the 170 huts owned by Girl Guides QLD.

SAFE Asbestos Group has the staff and expertise to provide a consultant or project manager for larger works.

We will ensure your company can meet the Workplace Health & Safety requirements regarding asbestos management for your project. Time is money and SAFE Asbestos Consultancy will do everything to ensure work is not stalled for reasons relating to asbestos.

One of our hazardous Materials Consultants can work with you on an hourly, daily or weekly rate to undertake NATA Asbestos Air Monitoring, Asbestos Sampling, Visual Clearances and Reporting as required. Call us today for a quote.

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